$ 65,000

1969 Chevrolet Camaro

A very tasteful and original restomod with brute american muscle

Car overview

64000kms (Reading)
4-Speed Manual
5.7L 350 Block V8

The 1969 Chevrolet Camaro, a revered symbol of American muscle car history, is now available for discerning collectors and enthusiasts. Originally equipped with a six-cylinder engine, this particular Camaro has been elevated to extraordinary heights. Under its hood, you'll find a robust V8 350 high-performance engine, complemented by a Lunati Cam with a remarkable 5,800 RPM redline. Notably, this engine is secured with four bolts on the crank journals, ensuring durability and power. What makes this Camaro especially captivating is its exterior. Although it didn't roll off the assembly line as a Z28, it bears the iconic Z28 body and appearance. Its commanding presence, coupled with its high-performance engine, offers the best of both worlds. The comprehensive restoration effort, meticulously undertaken around 2017, rejuvenated this Camaro to a state of excellence. Virtually every component was replaced with new original parts. The front springs were thoughtfully upgraded to the correct height. An auto-lock system adds modern convenience to the driving experience, while the Borg Warner manual shift gearbox provides a live mechanical connection between driver and machine. Despite its impressive restoration, this Camaro has seen remarkably little time on the road since completion. In essence, it remains in a nearly pristine "running-in" state, eagerly awaiting an owner who can fully exploit its potential. Moreover, the owner has thoughtfully upgraded the headlights from a vacuum system to modern electrical ones, combining classic charm with contemporary reliability.
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